Psychotheraphy & Counselling Bath

“I can help you make sense of your experiences, to find new meaning and move forward in your life”

Welcome to Cheltenham & Bath Psychotherapy Counselling

I have a practice in Cheltenham and the Practice Rooms in Bath.

I also see client's at Nightingale Valley Doctor's surgery Bristol.


Thinking of Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy provides an opportunity for you to gain greater insight and understanding into your thoughts and feelings where you will come to understand yourself more deeply and realise your full potential.

Psychotherapy is often referred to as a "talking treatment’’ as it involves talking to a therapist about your difficulties and provides a therapeutic space where you can feel really heard, held and listened too. Sessions take place at the same time and place every week and generally last for 50 minutes.

Psychotherapy differs from counselling as it places more emphasis on exploring depth and history rather than more immediate issues and tends to be of a longer period of time.

Psychotherapy is concerned with our instincts and the unconscious mind and recognises that we may suppress our painful memories or thoughts in order to get on with our lives. It may also involve other forms of treatment and communication, including writing, artwork, drama, narrative story or music.